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How I Discovered This Simple Shower Routine To Fight Fungus Once And For All!

Never in a million years would I have thought that a small discoloration on my husband’s toenail would be way more than a cosmetic issue.

It all started with a small white spot on my husband Paul’s big toenail.

He didn’t pay too much attention to it, he was sure it would go away. 

When the skin on his feet started feeling dry and itchy I got some topical lotion and told Paul to slap it on his feet.

Like I said, we didn’t think much of it. But in just a matter of weeks, Paul’s toenail got thicker, turned yellow and started hurting when putting shoes on.  

“It will go away sooner or later”, Paul thought and kept soaking his feet in vinegar and popping painkillers.

Boy oh boy, was he wrong...

When Paul’s foot swelled up and walking become very painful, I finally convinced him to see a doctor.

The doctor said Paul had a severe fungus infection and the only solution to stop it was nail removal surgery.

“And let’s hope it hasn’t spread to other organs”, the doctor added.

We both were at a loss for words.

How can a seemingly harmless spot on a toenail be such a serious condition?!

In the end, it came down to this simple shower routine.

I was still trying to wrap my head around what the doctor said when I stumbled upon this shower routine.

Gina, my hairdresser told me about it when I went to touch up my roots.

Paul was ready to try anything to avoid surgery so he decided to give the shower routine a try. 

Long story short - his nails are now clear, strong, and smooth. 

I threw out foot creams, sprays and gels and even took Paul for a pedicure.

Tap below to discover the SHOWER ROUTINE that saved my husband from having his toenail removed!

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